Accessories: The Boater Hat

After I saw this lovely boater hat at the Cherry Blossom Girl I knew that I must have one. I'm not really the Pete Doherty fedora type (they seem all smelly and shabby) so when I saw the boater I knew this hat was for me. The boater is crisp, clean and Parisian. It is the sort of hat you can wear on a bike with a pretty floral dress and it won't blow off. I dream of riding beside tall fields of grass, a baguette in the front basket of my bike, with no helmet necessary because in this fantasy I look tres chic.

Then I saw Lover had photographed their Spring/Summer 2009 swimwear collection with a boater and knew it was meant to be. I think one would be best procured at a men's hatter for that old world charm (not to mention quality).

Both Marc Jacobs and Charles Anastase featured boater style hats in their Spring 2009 collections but are more stylised than the Madeline boater hats I much desire.

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