Ali Bosworth: Photographer

Ali Bosworth is a 23 year old Canadian photographer. He posts any and all of his photos online. Bosworth's photos have somewhat of a following via his flickr page. Pictures of his much photographed girlfriend Sinead have been reposted on many style, craft and art blogs. Sinead’s amber locks, fair skin, thrift-store wardrobe and sunny-disposition are something of an antidote to the boozed and bleached ‘it’ girls who dominate many style and gossip blogs. In more extreme cases Bosworth has discovered “strange Japanese blogs with like a dozen pictures of her reposted on it”. Sinead even gets spotted on the street. “Just today”, Bosworth tells me, “there was this guy staring at her very strongly for minutes, and then he finally said ‘I know, I know where I have seen you, there is this one page on the internet, full of photos of you, have you seen it?”

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