Melbourne Guide: Art Galleries

So there are a lot of galleries in Melbourne and these are just the ones I keep my eyes on. Some are a bit hit and miss, but I think sometimes its just nice to go to the opening, get a free drink (sometimes cheap beer, sometimes a lovely glass of something you've never heard of before) and look at art and people - a most entertaining night (much better than watching a cop show).

No Vacancy
27-33 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne. Tuesday-Saturday 11-5, Sunday 12-5.

No Vacancy only opened this year and for the most part has great exhibitions. Their current exhibition is the Villain Custom Toy Show. Melbourne artists have been asked to customise toys by Villain. Open from the 12th-22nd December. The show will feature a mini Villain store within the gallery.

Utopian Slumps
25 Easey Street, Collingwood. Thursday-Saturday 12-6.

Utopian Slumps is a great venue for an opening. Seedy and dark with a wide alley you need to make your way down to climb the stairs to the gallery. The gallery is run by curators and is not-for-profit. Their current exhibit is titled Grow Wild and features a variety of media exploring the concept of the wild and the primal. Open 6th-21st December.

Until Never
2nd Floor, 3-5 Hosier Lane, Melb. Wednesday-Saturday 12-6.

Don't Come
Level 2, Royal Arcade, 314 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.

Per Square Meter
191-193 Johnston Street, Collingwood. Wednesday-Sunday 12-6.

Gorker Gallery
395 Gore Street, Fitzroy.

Lamington Drive
89 George Street, Fitzroy. Tuesday-Friday 11-6, Saturday 12-5.

These galleries are good to keep an eye on. If you are really keen you could spend a day visiting all of them starting at No Vacancy, Don't Come then Until Never, Lamington Drive, Gorker Gallery, Utopian Slumps and then Per Square Meter. Doing this you would see the city, Gertrude St, Brunswick and Smith Streets and get a lovely walk.

I also keep an eye on two of Melbourne's more famed artists Miso and Ghostpatrol. They exhibit around the place in galleries you wouldn't think to go to. They are currently curating and showing in Drawing Machine 2.

For any information on Australian gallery shows it is good to check out We Are The Image Makers on the night. They don't always know about all exhibitions, but they are the best source I have found.

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