Zoey Deschanel: Actress and Musician

When I first brought She & Him's Volume One I was a bit unsure. Sure Zoey Deschanel dresses well and acts in interesting and off-beat films, but can she make good music? At first I found the album to be a little shallow and stopped listening after a week. Last week however I started listening again and am really getting into it. I've been listening to that and the Mamas & the Papas lately. Both share that "Californian" sensibility; poppy, catchy, great voices, nice harmonies, melodic and perfect for Summer. Perhaps my first listen in Winter was just the wrong time to listen to She & Him. Speaking of the Mamas & the Papas here is Miss Deschanel doing a cover of their song 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'.

Why she's cool: She dresses well, makes good music, was the best character in an otherwise bad idea for a movie Failure to Launch, she's contributed to Lula magazine heaps, she's funny and was the best big sister you could ever have in Almost Famous.

(Picture with banjo: For my boyfriend)

To round out my Californian music phase I think I ought to listen to Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. I have always meant to but never have and after watching a myspace artist on artist interview between Brian Wilson and Zooey I think I must. There is also a good interview with her here to read about how she likes to bake, jog and more.

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