Favourites: 2008


Really, Lover are a perennial favorite along with magazines such as Russh, Lula and Self-Service (and my boyfriend).

One Plus One at the beginning of the year gave me a pair of jeans that fit so well. Those ultra-white Vans Authentics created a look of California cool, without the tan and bleach blonde hair, and the collection had me listening to Neil Young's Harvest and dressing laid-back cool harking back to the '70s Z boys.

Electric Ladyland in Winter had me thinking about punk pioneers such as Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry and had a focus on much more severe tailoring and a little black dress named Rimbaud.


If I was clever I would have bought a Miso work at the start of the year. Her work started on the streets, and still exists there, using elemnts of wheat pasting, wood carving and illustration. Miso's work is unique, feminine, tough and fairytale-like.


Natural skin care, Australian company, simple design aestetic - what more do you want?

The Harpoons

Sixties beach pop that I dare anyone not to like! Every member sings and harmonises and the catchy tunes will have you singing along and bopping around halfway through the first song. They might even sing a song in French if you are lucky. Faith is the real hit a wrenching ballad seeing singer Bec pleading "Don't break my heart"..

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