Letih Clark: Editor and Freelance Stylist

Leith Clark is possibly the coolest girl in the world. She makes her dream world come to life as the editor of Lula magazine (where she also styles). The magazine is a dreamlike breeze through the childlike world where girls wear pretty dresses that they twirl around in, with their legs concealed by opaques, drinking big cups of tea in their mum's platform heals (probably by Chloe). Lula girls wear Erin Fetherston, Chloe, Miu Miu, Chanel, Wren and Lover (to name a few) and note Marianne Faithfull, Alice in Wonderland and Nabokov's Lolita as their sartorial inspirations.

Clark doesn't wear jeans often because it makes her feel lazy. When she does they will be the ever flattering Grey Ant jeans she wore in the Jane magazine article above.

If I was a fashion designer these three ladies would surely be a must for the front row of my show: Clark, Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas. N.B. Clarke's Lover denim tote from their S/S 08 Collection (I'm pretty excited to own one of the same pieces as Ms Clark herself) - No leather 'it' bags for her.

There are two good interviews with Clark here and here.

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