Melbourne Guide: Clothes Shopping

Shop 5 Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

On their website they have this whole schpeil stating that "at Genki it doesn't feel like shopping but more like visiting a friends place with plenty of super things to look at and try on"; the thing is - it's kinda true. Genki feels like some lovely warm haven of all your favourite brands such as Lover, Rittenhouse, Princess Tina, Tatty Devine and Milk Fed (Sophia Coppola's label exclusive to Japan) to name a few. Sometimes they stock Self Service magazine and they always have an eclectic mix of accessories, shoes, bags and home wares to browse like you are in some museum celebrating kitsch.

Order & Progress
Level 3, Curtain House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

My new favourite since they started stocking A.P.C. at the end of 2008. You have to walk up four floors to get there so shopping there is good exercise, might as well just try on some Melissa shoes, a Folk knit and check out Beci Orphan's purses while you are gaining your breath, right?

201 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

At first I thought Alphaville was cold and edgy and really only good for getting a pair of Cheap Monday or Dr Denim jeans, but now I am starting to appreciate the subtlety of their monotoned ensembles. Alphaville primarily houses the label Alpha 60, the majority of which is black and/or white, with a dash of grey or silver for excitement. The designs are by no means intended to be feminine, but as long as you wear the clothes you own way, not the edgy sceny way, there are some great quirky, yet simple, pieces.

Lost + Found Market
12 Smith Street, Collingwood

Not really a market per say, but more a bazaar. Lost + Found market has great clothing, records, homewares, furniture - you name it. Some stuff is affordable, like a 1970's embossed leather handbag I purchased for $25, some stuff is a bit more expensive like a bike exactly the same as the one I have for $120 when mine only cost $30.

Other honourable mentions go to Fat, Extinct and Christine (I've never been there but I hear it is the accessories mecca).

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