RIP: Cafe Con Lesley

Lesley Arfin announced today that her blog Cafe Con Lesley is over, dead, nada. She will still be blogging at Missbehave magazine, so its not like she's gone from cyberspace completely.

Her book Dear Diary is well worth a read. She goes back and edits her old diary entries from her pre-teen years onwards - interviewing people from her past (like the mean girls, ex-best friends and ex-boyfriends) to get their perspective on adolescent memories. My favorite quote from the book when I first read it was "you came to the dark side, so I didn't have to hide".

Devoted Cafe Con Lesley readers will likely miss the pictures of Arfin, Chloe Sevigny and Jen Brill having way better times than us. Personally, I will miss Arfin posting pictures of herself in a bikini, posting them purely to remember how hot she looked in the Summer of '08. I mean why not?

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