Erin Fetherston: Fall 2009

One of the things that is refreshing about Erin Fetherston is that she actually designs clothing that she herself would wear; she isn't working on a particular theme for a season that is inspiration outside of her own sartorial world and tastes.

Fall 2009 sees Fetherston's incantatory tale of toys coming to life a la The Nutcracker. References to witches, clowns, toy soldiers, fairies and ballerinas make the collection a hallucinatory ride through Fetherston's own whimsical view of the fairytale world.

The collection provided for a lot more darkness than is usual for a Fetherston collection, the first half of which was primarily black and blood red. Things began to lighten up with silver dusted black satin skirts and sparkling lavender offerings. Crushed and gnarly witch-like hats were replaced by large bows as the procession of girls marched to the beat of the drums. Later smaller bows that looked like mouse ears adorned the girls then finally the models sported small glitter encrusted animal masks fit for a masquerade ball. Outfits were teamed with polka dot tights and platform mary janes showing that the collection was for women who are really little girls at heart and like nothing better than to play dress-ups.

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