Fafi: Artist

Fafi is an artist from Toulouse, France and began her career as a graffiti artist in 1994. Now 33 Fafi has collaborated with many big brands such as M.A.C., Adidas and the store Colette. Fafi went from painting human girls, to martian girls and finally created the Fafinettes.

Fafinettes can be recognised by the hearts drawn on their cheeks and they often wear striped arm warmers. The Fafinettes live in the world of Carmine Vault with other character/creatures Hmilos, Himllminis and Birtak. Hmilos' are sad elephant-like creatures that range from the tiny to massive. Even though Hmilos' are usually depressed they find happiness in brushing the Fafinettes hair with their teeth. Hillminis are big romantic lumps of earth who can provide answers to many of the Fafinettes problems or merely provide an ear to listen to the girls. A pirate rat named Birtak, who wishes to leave the world of Carmine Vault to become a ballerina cannot because the Fafinettes amputated his leg, replacing it with a wooden cane, so he couldn't get away. None of the inhabitants of Carmine Vault can be seen by humans.

Currently Fafi is working on a comic so that these storeis of Carmine Vault can become more relatable and vivid. Fafi wants to create stories that represent everything that she loves such as "humour, party, friendship and scenery". At the moment Fafi describes the scenarioless Fafinettes behaviour as limited to being "defiant and show their tits wearing horrible shoes". their are two Fafi produced books available, Girls Rock and Love and Fafiness.

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