Lover A/W 09 Sacred Hearts College

I so wish I went to Lover's Sacred Heart College; art, cinema, pop culture and music - what else is there in life? Lover have returned to more tailored pieces this season very much in the Boy by band of Outsiders vein.

One lone jagged rip in a pair of black opaques speaks of raw teenage angst, rebellion and hidden tomboyish sexuality; beneath the prim and proper uniform-inspired garb lies a girl who would rather listen to some 1980's LA punk with her male friends than be in school gossiping about boys.

You can't help but see the Picnic at Hanging Rock references in every Lover collection and they are still present in Sacred Hearts College. Capes, the straw boater hats used in the styling of the collection, the Australian icon of the Driza-Bone referenced in the Madeline coats' shoulder covering lapels and the ruffling and pussy-bows on dresses and blouses all hark back to St Valentines Day 1900 and the loss of innocence.

Preppier college elements have also been mixed with the prim and rebellious elements of the collection with logo print tees, Letterman jackets and track pants, shorts and dresses present in the collection: Are Lover embarking on a fitness range here?

Bluer than blue denims with pleated waistbands (perhaps less than flattering as far as the jeans go) and plaids are added to the usual Lover black, white and gray palette. A few ballerina-esque bodysuits and silhouettes creep in to the last few looks making the collection pure Lover.

Susien and Nick have stated their influences for the collection as being French and Japanese schoolgirls, Kenshu Shintsubo's photographs in his book Kioku, the documentary Billy the Kid and the music of Jane's Addiction.

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