Picnic at Hanging Rock

This year is a very exciting Saint Valentine's Day indeed.
"Not only was it a Saturday and the long awaited occasion of the annual picnic, but Saint Valentine's Day, traditionally celebrated on the fourteenth of February by the interchange of elaborate cards and favours."
-Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock

My boyfriend and I are all set to enjoy a wonderful picnic like the girls of Appleyard College did on that fateful day in 1900. The only difference is we don't plan on getting lost and I don't have a pretty white dress, boater hat or apricot parisol to wear as I go about yelling "Miranda, stop! Miranda, wait!"

In Joan Lindsay's novel the girls have an extraordinary picnic of chilled lemonade, milk, biscuits, chicken pie, angel cake, jellies, tepid bananas, a handsome cake in the shape of a heart and billycans of tea.
Climbing the rocks is quite easy and natural, even for the least athletic of us, and once you do start it is addictive and hard to slow down and wait for others. I have gotten seperated from people doing this before, and I am sure everyone who ventures up into the rock has this same thing happen. It is certainly a mysterious,eerie and fascinating place.

In the film Miranda says an eerily beautiful thing : "What we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream". Ithink that sums up beautifully the film, book and experience of having a picnic at Hanging Rock.

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