First Things First

When you open up your internet browser where do you automatically go (other than that horrible Facebook thing)? These are the three places I love to check for updates:

1. The Cherry Blossom Girl

Whimsical, romantic and dreamy Alix, aka The Cherry Blossom Girl, is Lula magazine come to life. She seems to own every Chloe shoe and Zara blouse in existence and mixes the designer finds with pieces from H&M and Topshop. Her life really looks like a dream world. She is Alice in Wonderland, Madeline and Snow White rolled into one. To click on the link to her site transports me into a wonderful world of clothing, accessories and homes I wish I had and dreams I wish I lived.

2. So Much To Tell You

Two friends, Natalie and Zoe, write about the things they like. Simple and well-written, with well researched images and a bit of insider information (both girls write for Russh). This blog is updated frequently and I find myself checking more than once daily on occasion. They like all the same stuff I like, but with more of an edge. I look forward to opening both my new Russh and browser window, to read these girls' articles. I'm glad that they have So Much To Tell Me!

3. Turned Out

There are a lot of street style sites out there, but they are all either 'too cool for school' or just feature pictures of leggy fashionistas that bore the hell out of me. Creator of Turned Out, Maya, writes open letters to people who inspre her, takes street snaps and has a chat with interesting types and links a whole bunch of great blogs to the site (including mine!). The people she photographs are the people I wish I was friends with and it is great that Maya and her team bring them to me. When she has a chat with people it is particularly well done with notes on what they are reading, listening to, watching, eating and looking forward to - what else do you need to know really?

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Natalie said...

Aw, thankyou for saying such nice things about us! x