Nineties Grunge Chic: Black and Floral

It really does seem to be a bit too soon to be bringing back the nineties, but they are back, so we may as well just embrace them. Wear your hair really messy, stick your scrunched up socks/opaques into a pair of well worn Doc Martin 8 or 10 holes and listen to Radiohead and Nirvana. Once you've done all that take note from Alexa and Chloe and grab a black top and wack a floral dress over it and you are set to go to Coachella or even the BAFTA's. The good thing is no dry cleaning is required, or a closet even, just pick up whatever is on the floor and you have a look that is uber grunge cool. As for accessories... just grab a boy in a flanalette or a grandpa cardigan and its like the ninetees never ended.

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jane fitz said...

It wasn't even a year ago when I was wondering when the 90s were going to be considered worthy of nostaglia. I'm seriously concerned that the early 2000s will be next. this just feels like that line from 'Kicking and Screaming' about being nostaglic for things that haven't even happened yet!