Secret Squirrel: Clothing Label

Secret Squirrel is everything I love about fashion. The design is simple, youthful, modern and girly all at the same time. Their clothing has everything. It has edge with the khaki army parkas, femininity with the bows and flowy skirts and dress silhouettes and a quirky youthful edge with the t-shirt designs (the t-shirts in the collection were a collaboration with Sydney label We Buy Your Kids).

The latest collection, titled 'Darker than Blue' (AW 09), is Secret Squirrel's sixth collection to date. Secret Squirrel are Sydney based couple Bri Cheesman and Andrew Prince. The collection is most certainly recession-friendly with prices varying from $95 to $220.

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Bee said...

ooh i love the line of the black yoke on that cream dress. cream/white and black combos get me every time!