A.P.C. Come to Australia

I'm trying to refrain from excessive exclamation point usage, but it might prove to be quite trying. You see I just read in the new Vogue Australia (thank you to my friend who bought me the subscription) that A.P.C. is opening a boutique in Australia. Not just that, but in Melbourne where I live! This could be bad for my savings, yet so lovely for my wardrobe - I mean who doesn't need a little Parisian simple chic added to their wardrobe? The answer: No-one - we all need it.

The store is set to open in July, but I am not sure where exactly. I just hope it doesn't end up being one of those American Apparel things where they open a boutique and all the staff are too-cool-for-school, know nothing about the products and the clothing becomes some horrible homogenized 'look' that I grow to detest and resent. I would rather they were in some hidden basement/lane way/building six flights up that had a good feeling about it surrounded by other like-minded stores. Here's hoping. For now I really am optimistic and happy to have somewhere I can buy all the A.P.C. I need, because lets face it I asked their main stockist, Cactus Jam International, to call me a year and a half ago when stock was coming in and I've heard nothing... so any change must be better than that.


Emi said...

Hi! I must know! Did APC ever end up opening shop in Melbourne?

Emma said...

Not that I know of. Vogue lied to me! Apparently an Incu may open for women's but not for at least 6 months - and they stock APC