Best Friends Forever

Now I don't want you to give me your pity or anything by writing this post. The fact is I have no best friend, let alone a BFF. I'm a bit of a bitch and really just end up with a list of enemies and people who I hope I won't run into. Like Paul Rudd's character in I Love You, Man, I more of a boyfriend girl. Pictures like these made me wish I had some female friendship, someone to talk about clothes, go to fashion shows and dance the night away with. For now I will have to leave it to my boyfriend and token gay friend to talk to about ill fitting jeans and a new way to plait my hair - they nod but I know they don't understand like Alexa and Tennessee would understand.


Bee said...

hahaha i really relate to this post! not just because of my shared love/envy for tennessee and alexa, but also the "being a bitch and making enemies" part. oops. seriously though, i haven't had a proper long term bff since school. sniff. i totally get the rules and conventions of dating and romantic relationships, but female friendships are a whole other ball game I struggle to grasp!

and btw thanks so much for commenting on my geronimo post- after a week of blogging you are my first (and only) commenter!!

Emma said...

You're welcome. You gotta start somewhere. Good luck to both of us on the BFF front!

Amber : CFS said...

Female friendships are something I too, wish I had more of. Am trying to cultivate them however, with lots of champagne swilling and secret making. Boyfriends can never plait your hair.

cait harri said...

You're blog is so just darling! I have a soft spot of alexa and tennessee too.

I'm going to look at your cookery blog now!