I've always been seduced by Vampire stories. From Transylvanian Vlad IV to Buffy I was always keen to devour these romantic tales featuring neck-biting. Lately, however I have just found myself wishing that the creatures of the night would return to their crypts and eerie Transylvanian castles. Its just this double edged sword really - you like something, then it becomes popular, cheap, nasty and of poor quality - but you want to hold on in case something good comes. And along it came.

Let the Right One In is the savior of the current crop of blood lust features on both the big and small screen. It is the Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist's take on the traditional vampire tale. The film features two twelve year old's, Oskar and Eli, and the relationship between the pair. Eli helps Oskar to overcome his bullying problems, and in the process the two start "going steady". The film is beautiful with its lush snowscape and subdued palette of whites blues and sharp reds, visually this film made me think a little of Vincent Gallo's Buffalo 66.

The whole revamping (pardon the pun) of the subject matter has made me get out the 50 million Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD's that I own and start re-watching them. Buffy was so good. Why can't these other shows and films just employ some decent writers? I'm sure there's plenty out there in Tinseltown just desperate for their big break. Like for instance: The first episode of season five Buffy takes on Dracula and it is just so well done, funny (everyone is far more star struck than afraid) and intelligent.We need more of that and less of this Twilight crap - that guy isn't even hot, seriously.

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