My Idea

Usually I don't like telling people my ideas; I'm like the child who covers their test so the person next to me doesn't copy my test. But today I kinda don't care if someone steals my idea - maybe. I want my idea to be real so I can see it, feel it and enjoy it.

I want a magazine that is a combination of British Vogue, Russh (the early days), Lula and Self Service - with a whole bunch of my curator-inspired ideas thrown in. This is what I want:

1. A magazine with equal fashion spread to editorial ratio - I'm sick of just flicking pages and looking at the clothing credits - what happened to your editorial content Russh?

I want editorials on fashion history, real articles on health (not just eating disorders and diets) and fitness, beauty (such as Natalie Smith's essay on blush in Russh #26), interviews where you feel like you are friends with the subject and articles on fashion trends, collections and intelligent takes on the subjects (the article by Rachel Antonoff in Lula # 8 about boater hats rocked my world).

2. Fashion spreads using illustrations (a la Fifi Lapin) by artists interpreting fashion collections.

3. Fashion spreads where a designer or fashion label act as the stylist combining their current collection with the collections of others. I think it would be so great to see how they interpret and work with the rest of the fashion world, as well as seeing the collection outside of the context of a fashion show or look book shoot - but still under the control of the designer.

4. Travel articles by fashion bloggers (I just loved the Cherry Blossom Girl's USA road trip). To see great fashion with familiar faces and new exotic places would be great - and from a financial perspective bloggers live in many foreign lands, have great cameras, wardrobes and would make it easier to have more articles and fashion shoots featuring far away places.

5. Instead of photographing celebrities in glamorous locales with photographers such as Steven Meisel or Mario Testino I would like to take Polaroids of them in their closets in their own garb. I would so love to go through Kristen Dunst's cupboard!

6. I'd like articles that look at health and well being that help us all strive to be better and inspire us to be healthier and happier. Sam Staple from Be Genki is a big inspiration of mine now and I'd like to get tips from these people on how they are healthy and have recipe ideas and exercise routines - maybe even fashion shoots that show how to do an exercise routine?

Anyhoo - that's been on my chest for a while. I'd love to do it, but have no idea how. Someone do it and then I can read it, all I want is a little note of love to me in the magazine. Thanks.


Sid said...

that sounds cool! well maybe one day someone will make that magazine! I wish i could get lula mag but i can't find it anywhere or know how to get a hold of it :(

The Sequin Cat said...

Hear hear!

Why don't you start creating some of these articles on your blog? You have some great ideas there.

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Kara said...

such a great idea - I would so buy that magazine!
I have always loved Russh but I've found the last few issues to be a little disappointing :(
Sid - there are a few Lula's available on ebay at the mo.

Love your blog Emma!

Emma said...

Sid: thanks - if you are from australia try magnation - you can buy it online if they have any left

The sequin cat: I guess i should create some of those articles - I have a tendency to be all talk though.

Kara: Yeah, I'm pretty over Russh, but I've been buying it since issue 5 so its hard to stop the habit.

Natalie Emma Smith said...

Oh, thankyou for the nice words about my blush story! I want to write more things like that too... Zoe and I are making a book, that sounds almost like this! I like your blog. xx

The Sequin Cat said...

Give it a whirl, my friend! You may surprise yourself.

I like the articles in Elle UK but as for Australian mags, I miss RUSSH, Yen (is it good again?) and Shoptilyoudrop, believe it or not. But then again, I get Jalouse and Dealer de Luxe here :)

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Emma said...

Natalie: I can't wait to see that book! I miss the articles you two wrote for Russh, lucky I still have your blog, but sometimes there is nothing like paper in your hands and something nice and long to read.

The Sequin Cat: I'm going to work on it! Slowly. I love Jalouse - I need to learn French though to appreciate it a little more - their fashion shoots are great though - I flick through it at magnation. I've only seen Dealer here sometimes - its half good.

L▲UREN said...

oh god this would be the greatest magazine of all time! i have also become dissapointed with the lack of editorial content in russh, and how every health article is about botox and plastic surgery.

you should make that magazine! also i like your blog x