Not Just Another Outfit Blogger

I get sick of all the outfit blogs out there, with the exception of The Cherry Blossom Girl (who perhaps has become a bit of a corporate dominatrix whore - just putting it out there) and now Blushing Ambition. A student who lives in San Francisco, Annabel writes about her camera problems, her class schedule, how cute and wonderful her boyfriend "Pika" is all whilst blogging adorable outfits and delicious feasts (care of either Pika or a seemingly never ending range of local establishments). I'm glad I found this blog before going to San Franciso - this way I won't eat a bad bite of food - which is a big fear going to America.

Right now I'm loving vintage floral dresses and looks with a bit of school uniformish simplicity (I can invent words like uniformish if I wish). I like that she mixes the tights with socks - wrong but oh so right. Annabel's blog has me craving not only tasty salads with avocado puree dressings, but also "thrifted" boots and socks with stockings. It is good to know that fashionistas can eat, huh.

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