The Brian Jonestown Massacre


Anton Newcombe always says his music is about love and not about money and selling records. He is probably right because whenever I am lonely and left to my own devices for too long out comes the BJM records to give me some love. So here's about a million pictures of them because what can I say? Listen. My top song recommendations are:

1. Open Heart Surgery
2. Whoever You Are
3. The Devil May Care
4. You Better Love Me
5. Anenome
6. Miss June '75

Basically the whole of Bravery, Repetition and Noise, Give It Back and Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request.


Ms Fitz said...

excellent post :)

Jaxx said...

Amen! I'm listening to "Swallowtail" (live) right now-- beyond beautiful.

Anonymous said...

bravery repetiotion and noise is probably the best album in the world!
Nevertheless is the most beautiful song ever!

Emma said...

I'm all about Open Heart Surgery myself. That is all I want someone to say to me in a song.