Stream of Consciousness

This album cover has been mesmerising me ever since I first saw it, and at first I couldn't work out why. I mean, the girl is an attractive WASPish type, but not mesmerisingly so. Perhaps its the colouring, the retro 80's tones...no. I think it is all about the facial expression. This not quite blank stare, she's in the midst of moving her mouth, in fact, her whole body, her hair, her face appears on the verge of movement. She is in the state of flux and has been caught in this unposed moment with an expression that is in between moments of thought. It is something that is reminiscent of the last shot of Truffaut's 400 Blows; a captivating and mysterious shot that is often written about.

I had read a lot about 400 Blows and was, until the very last scene, unimpressed and wondered what the hype about this last shot was all about. When I saw it, there is just this unexplainable connection and feeling, you are drawn into this boy, Antoine, and his experience throughout the movie (which I'd written off as some boy running around a whole bunch).

Antoine, like the lady from the 1983 picture Vampire Weekend have put on the cover of their 2nd album Contra, has the preppy look going on. At first the album cover had me desperate for a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, but now that I have been thinking about Antoine's expression, I'm over it and think its a ridiculous idea.

None the less, Preppy is exciting me right now. Case in point Proenza Schouler's Pre-Fall 2010 collection. I WANT IT ALL.


Fernanda dauphine said...

I like preppy too, it brings that casual air mixed with formal.
It reminds me of my junior high gray skirt uniform days =)


crimzonite said...

I like the last image; I think Alexa Chung has had a huge part to play in the revival of the preppy, school look.