All I Think About Right Now

1. Matching Lingerie

Especially Elle MacPherson Intimates and even more especially the Ava set and matching nightie from their luxe Obsidian range.

2. Louis Coat by Stretsis

I'm not entirely sure if Heather Brown will wash me out or look stunning, but this reworked trench looks soft and dreamy, or maybe its just the photography talking.

3. She & Him Volume Two

I like Volume One, and Volume Two is almost as good. Cheery, catchy and cute its nice to listen to something you can sing along to and feel upbeat sometimes.

4. Daisy de Villeneuve's exhibit at Liberty in London

I wish I could swing by the 4th foor of Liberty in London to see Daisy de Villeneuve's solo exhibition In Her Shoes. The exhibition features consumerist and feminine subject matter which coincides with the launch of her very own line of scented candles.

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