Miu Miu I Love You

I'd love Leith's outfit, the puppy dogs, the nude and the braids. Oh Miuccia I love you.

Of the collection Miuccia says she "was questioning innocence, questioning youth". The collection begins with cat, dog and bird motifs, those cute things that all young girls gush over, printed on high-waisted Lolita-esque skirts teamed with Seventies pointed collared shirts. As the show continues on Miuccia adds in less innocent touches of nude women and sheer embellished pieces that suggest nudity and the descent into pubescence and the ownership of sexuality. The models titer on their clunky platforms and clogs suggesting they have raided their mothers' wardrobes for their shoes and the side braid tops of the school girl look that I absolutely love. It has Lula magazine written all over it.

I went and tried on some of the pieces from the collection last week and I must say they have certainly left a distinct impression on me. The collection is a combination of delicate soft fabrics, exquisite tailoring and silhouettes that suggest innocence and youth without making the clothes look like they are appropriate only on sixteen year olds. The bags and the shoes are beautiful, but if I was going to splash out on some Miu Miu it would be a twist on the traditional jacket, a high waisted print skirt or a nude baby doll dress; I would be in absolute Leith heaven.


Alexandra said...

Leith is the perfect Miu Miu girl.


Anonymous said...

I love this Miu Miu collection. I'd actually kill for a pair of the cat print clogs. Love your blog too.

Vicky x